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We’ve come to realize over the years that small businesses want great websites, but don’t always get them. After speaking with hundreds of small businesses, we’ve narrowed this down to few core reasons.

They don’t understand what “great” means

We have outlined what it means to be great vs. good enough – but here is also a guide to evaluate your website if you’ve recently had it redesigned.

They think great means they need to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars

Great small business websites do usually cost more, but provide better ROI because they are built on a well defined strategy that includes; a great design, well executed code and development, SEO, information architecture, and content strategy

They don’t feel they have quality options

This is not true, we work with small businesses all the time, and stay within their budget.

They don’t prioritize their website in their business plan

Your website impacts everything from your reputation and traffic potential, to sales and lead generation success. Without a great website, businesses are hindering their ability to grow efficiently.

They don’t believe a great website matters

If you want to create a good enough website, don’t expect great results.

They think all website design firms are the same

This can’t be further from the truth, check out our design firm guide.

Because of the reasons above, many small businesses hire cheap design firms, or buy “small business packages” which, at best, provide a “good enough” website – which we believe is a waste of money, and usually causes a need for a redesign.

Good Enough vs Great Website

Old Way - Just Good EnoughNew Way - Creating Great Websites
Average short form contentIn-depth content built upon keyword research and understanding what your users want / find valuable.
Inconsistent branding and designConsistent experience and design across page types.
Images not clear and sharp, or correctly sizedCustom images that are sized correctly, optimized for speed, and crystal clear.
Lack of a consistent and optimized website structureA consistent navigation structure that aligns with how your users find information.
Generic blog contentCreating content that is in-depth and aligns with what users find valuable.
Not understanding your users needs or wantsDigging into your users needs and wants prior to creating content or starting the design.
Not mobile optimized and responsiveBuilt upon a responsive platform that aligns with Google’s new mobile first crawling.
SEO not includedSEO is included throughout the design process.
Content strategy not includedBuilding a content strategy that aligns with SEO and users.
Keyword research not completedIn-depth keyword research defined by user value and relevancy instead of search volume.
Social icons not customCustom social icons that align with design elements.
Code not optimized for speedCode optimized for speed.
No analytics trackingAnalytics and conversion tracking implementation.
Lack of a content management systemsCompetitive analysis completed to inspire functionality, great content and design elements.
Lack of an easy want to contact your companyScorecard created for benchmarks and monthly tracking of KPIs.
Transition plan created to transition Google and users to the new website.
Form implementation / conversion rate optimization .
Internal link strategy to help users and Google find information
Code Optimized For Speed
Strategically integrate other marketing channels to amplify your website.

We don’t recommend good enough.

Good enough is not enough anymore. For small businesses to truly compete online and build their brand, they need to transition their thinking from “good enough” to “great”.

If you need help building a great website for your small business, please contact our CEO directly.

Need help? Contact our CEO directly.

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