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Over a decade ago, our founder, Bill Ross started building the team of Linchpins while doing SEO consulting in Raleigh, NC. The team of industry-leading SEO consultants now based in Chicago, have helped many of the largest brands and digital agencies in the world increase traffic, sales, and leads from Google.

There are 25.1 Billion searches annually. Are customers finding your business or your competitors? Have you searched Google for your business’s name, products, or services and were nowhere to be found?


Our SEO website audits analyze over 50 variables that correlate with website rankings and valuable design and user experiences. We also dive into your competitors websites and SEO strategies to uncover their strategies for ranking for priority keywords.


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With the data and insights we gain from a website audit, we’ll create an implementation document that includes a prioritized list of updates including: technical, keywords, internal link strategies, tagging, design, and information architecture.


Making sure you’re targeting the keywords that your best customers are searching for is key to increasing conversions. Additionally, strategically expanding your keyword set will increase your reach into new audiences on Google.


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Our local SEO campaigns include; analyzing 40+ data points that correlate with local ranking; creating a measurement strategy; local listing optimization; and helping your business build a strategy to create content that drives traffic.


Do you know how to relaunch a high-ranking website effectively? Do you have a transition plan, SEO website relaunch strategy, or a plan for your website migration so you don’t lose significant traffic?


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Our SEO traffic recovery services can identify and fix traffic loss issues that occurred from a poorly executed redesign, relaunch, or website migration.


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How to succeed with SEO?

Don’t chase SEO tactics or the “next big thing in SEO”. We believe businesses need to have strategies and frameworks that align with creating valuable content, wrapping that content in a great website design experience, and marketing that experience to gain the trusted and authoritative metrics that Google values – there are no shortcuts.

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