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Are you searching for an SEO consultant, company, or strategist who has done enterprise SEO for large publishers, brands, B2B and B2C websites, and eCommerce companies with thousands of skews? Are you searching for an SEO company around Chicago, IL or in NC around Charlotte or Raleigh?

Our founder, Bill Ross, started building the team of Linchpins when he was doing SEO consulting in Raleigh, NC over a decade ago.

Since then, our team of industry-leading SEO consultants have helped many of the largest brands in the world increase traffic, sales, and leads from Google, and built thriving and integrated internal SEO cultures that integrate across teams.

SEO Challenges We’ve Solved

  • I need help training and aligning my development, content, and web design teams on SEO best practices.
  • The traffic to my website has plateaued or is decreasing and I need a strategy to increase traffic to my website.
  • I don’t have the internal resources to do SEO correctly and need to find a trusted SEO vendor.
  • My competition is outranking me for my brand or priority keywords.
  • There are negative articles and content in the search results and it’s hurting my business.
  • I need to know if my current digital agency or SEO company is providing high-value SEO that will help my business.

Our Industry-leading SEO Process

Define SEO Measurement Strategies

Our SEO consultants will work with your analytics team, or key stakeholders at your company, to learn what they consider primary and secondary KPIs.

We will then define and align brand and website goals across marketing channels and teams, and provide a baseline report from which we will judge success and gain insights.

SEO Website Audit

Website audits uncover structural, content, design, or inbound link issues that would keep your brand or enterprise website from ranking well within the search results.

Our SEO website audits analyze over 50 variables that correlate with website rankings and valuable experiences. We also dive into your competitors to uncover their strategies for ranking for priority keywords.

Learn More About Our SEO Website Audits

Fix Onsite SEO Issues

Based on your website audit, we will create an implementation document for your team, which will outline how to fix your websites non-compliant SEO items – if you need us to make these changes we can.

This document will include insights and a prioritized list of updates for keywords, internal link strategies, tagging, content optimizations, design updates, and information architecture changes.

Enterprise SEO Content Strategy

Content strategy plans for the creation, publication, amplification, measurement, and governance of valuable and useful content – both on your website and off. This stage includes strategies such as:

  • Optimizing Onsite Search
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Creating a High-value Content Architecture
  • SEO Content Governance Policies and Workflow Frameworks

If you need a content strategy, you can learn about our content services here.

Link Building and PR Integration

For large enterprise websites, we believe that link building starts with great content that engages users, and is self-sufficient for building links. Can our SEO consultants do link building through influencer outreach? Yes. But we find that most brands have PR companies that we would rather utilize and integrate with.

SEO Training and Agency Audits

Enterprise SEO Training

Because we believe SEO should be integrated across all marketing teams, our mission is to help facilitate this integration, by educating internal teams about SEO.

Our training classes have a primary goal of advancing the SEO culture and maturity within your organization.

Digital Agency Audits

Are you an agency that needs to know if your SEO processes and frameworks are providing value to your customers? Are you a business who needs to know if your digital agency is providing high-value SEO that builds value for your brand and earns rankings?

Our SEO consultants will gather qualitative and quantitative information for an audit of your current SEO processes.

philBill is a very good SEO. I am constantly impressed with the depth of his knowledge. His commitment to his own education makes him a great asset to his clients.

Phil Ayres, Director of SEO, Travelocity

How do you succeed with SEO?

Don’t chase SEO tactics or the “next big thing in SEO”. We believe businesses need to have strategies and frameworks that align with creating valuable content, wrapping that content in a great website design experience, and marketing that experience to gain the trusted and authoritative metrics that Google values – there are no shortcuts.

camargo web design

Learn how we increased Camargo Pharma website’s organic traffic by 59%.

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372c533Bill was great to work with, and a very knowledgeable SEO expert. I learned a lot about strategy from Bill, but two things set him apart.

1) Bill is able to speak from experience on nearly any SEO project.

2) Bill truly understands the big picture role of SEO alongside content strategy, UX, and other marketing channels.

David Buesing, SEO Manager at Mindshare

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Website SEO Transition Planning Services

Do you know how to relaunch a high-ranking website effectively? Do you have a transition plan, SEO website relaunch strategy, or a plan for your website migration so you don’t lose significant traffic?  When planning and launching a new website the risk of losing traffic during a website re-design is a very real problem.

Most sites we’ve talked with recently have lost up to 75% of their traffic after a website re-design or re-platform because they failed to include an SEO strategist versed in transition planning and website relaunch strategies throughout the redesign and migration process – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If traffic from search engines and social media websites are a core driver of  conversions for your website, having a team like ours who specializes in transition planning  and website redesign SEO will be key to a successful website re-design or re-platform.

Website Relaunch Challenges We Solve

  • I am worried I am going to lose traffic since I am changing the content, adding and removing pages, and changing the design of my website.
  • I can’t lose rankings for priority keywords.
  • I need help with my website transition so I don’t lose traffic and rankings.
  • My website design firm isn’t including SEO in my redesign.
  • I need to know how to relaunch a high-ranking website.
  • My new website just launched and I lost a ton of traffic and need to know why and how to fix it because I’m losing sales and leads every day.
  • I don’t have a plan to retain traffic and users to my new website.
  • I don’t know what to check when I relaunch my website design.
  • I am migrating my website to a new CMS and need a plan to retain traffic and rankings.

For Redesigns or Migrations In The Planning Phase

If you’re still in the planning stage, and your Google and social media traffic is a vital part of your website’s success, now is the time to call us. We will guide you through your website redesign, from the planning phase through the execution, to minimize the risk of traffic loss during the relaunch of your website.

The following are the integration points for which we will provide insights and recommendations to ensure a smooth transition for users and search engines.

Integration Points

  • Information Architecture
  • Taxonomy
  • Content Strategy and SEO
  • Content Hierarchy
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Page Structure Optimization
  • Redirect Strategy
  • QA and Implementation Audit
  • Post Launch SEO Audit

For Websites That Have Already Launched, Transitioned, or Migrated

You thought your web design and development team had a plan (I mean they told you they did), but your site went live a couple days ago, and you’re seeing a drop in traffic from Google. Your heart starts racing and you wonder, “why did my website traffic drop after my website redesign, wasn’t it supposed to make it better?”.

Yes, in a perfect world where all channels work in harmony, you should see a boost in traffic (or at least not a significant loss) when a new website is launched – but this magical harmony doesn’t usually happen. This is where we can help.

Strategies We Use To Get You Back On Track

  • Meet with each team to better understand what strategies were used to relaunch the website.
  • Perform a comparative analysis across 30+ website variables.
  • Perform a current state website audit.
  • Create a strategy to earn back the traffic and fix any website concerns.

Learn how we helped LLamasoft Software retain 100% of their traffic during their complete site overhaul.

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