SEO Basics: The Pyramid of SEO 101 Methodology within a Framework

In December of 2008 SEOmoz debuted their SEO methodology and search engine optimization basics, with an SEO Pyramid in one of their popular Whiteboard Friday Videos. Since that debuted, there have been many advancements within the search engine’s algorithm and evolutions in the basic methodology that drives SEO.

The Pyramid of SEO Basics

Below is a revised Pyramid of SEO basics which includes SEO methodology and what the Linchpin SEO team defines as the basics of SEO, or “The TLCs of SEO” (Technical, Links, Content, Social).

The TLCs of SEO represent the basics of what every holistic SEO 101 campaign should include. Each section of the pyramid builds upon the level below it. A website must start with a good structural foundation, then add valuable/in-depth content, market that content through outreach programs to gain metrics (links), and top it off with community building around your brand. – @billross

SEO 101 Pyramid in Green

seo pyramid green

SEO 101 Pyramid in Orange

seo pyramid orange

Designer: SEO Basics Infographic by Linchpin SEO