We are always interested in how the SEO for Pharmaceutical websites is done – is it done well, or has the company bought into black hat tactics to try and game the system.

What we’ve realized, is whether you are one of the top 10 Pharma Companies (Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, AstraZeneca, Merck & Co., Eli Lilly, Bristol-Myers Squibb) or a smaller drug research company trying to earn market share for a new treatment, the challenges that pharmaceutical companies have with SEO, web design, social media, and content strategy are consistent across all brands.


These challenges include

  • Multiple Microsites Instead of a Unified Focus
  • Architectural and Content Organization
  • Content Regulations for Drug Names Within Content
  • Challenges With International and Regional Websites
  • Difficulty Building Links to Drug Related Pages
  • Internal Process Inefficiencies
  • Industry Regulations for Social Media
  • Reputation Management and Social Monitoring
  • Websites Lack In-depth Content
  • Long Review Processes Inhibiting an Agile Approach


Seo services for Pharmaceutical Companies

Are you searching for a company that does SEO for Pharmaceutical companies? Or one that does SEO for companies with legal restrictions? Below you will find some of the SEO services we can provide to help drive more traffic and increase awareness for your pharma company.

Technical Audits

This audit uncovers issues that would inhibit search engines from understanding and crawling your pharma website.

Content Audits

This type of audit identifies content and keyword gaps, as well as underutilized content assets that your pharmaceutical website could use to increase reach and value.

Inbound Link Audits

The goal of this audit is to identify links that came from previous initiatives that could hurt your rankings, as well as identify gaps in your link graph where additional links should be built.

Onsite Content Optimizations

Content optimizations can help drive primary keyword growth, as well as diversify the total keywords by targeting additional mid and long tail keyword phrases within key on-page areas.

Title Tag and Content Hierarchy Optimizations

Title tags, and page content hierarchy are key elements in foundational SEO for pharma companies, and can help drive additional visits from the search engines.

Internal SEO Training

The goal of our SEO training is to help educate your internal marketing teams and drive an optimized cross channel strategy based on education and knowledge sharing.

Digital Marketing Process Improvements

Our team will help uncover inefficiencies within, or across business units, and provide opportunities for optimization.

Social Growth Strategies

Growing social channels can have many benefits, including increased reach, social feedback, and link building value. Our team can help define strategies that impact social community growth.

Building Frameworks and Governance Policies for Future Initiatives

Governance policies and marketing frameworks will help define and guide future initiatives, with the goal of aligning processes across digital channels.

Site Consolidation Strategies

One of the primary concerns with SEO and pharmaceutical websites is the mass amount of microsites that are created. We will identify concerns with this strategy and provide recommendations that align with your goals, and which best address concerns.

Social Media Management

Social media management and monitoring can be challenging for companies in industries that are highly regulated. Our team will help manage and monitor your social channels for poor sentiment and concerns.

Content Strategy

We will identify gaps in content, and create a targeted strategy to help fill those gaps. We also help manage both timely and evergreen content assets to make sure the website stays current and topical.