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If you operate a small business, mid-market company, or a franchise,  you’ve probably tried to search for yourself on Google or Bing. What did you find? Was it what you were hoping for? If not, this is where our professional  SEO services can help.

With 97% of U.S. internet users gathering shopping information and making purchasing decisions from information they find within the search engines, simply having a website isn’t enough. When your small business website is optimized for Google, Bing, and Yahoo, your business becomes visible to more people, who are already searching for what you offer.

Our professional SEO strategist believe User-Focused SEO is about creating targeted and valuable experiences to earn traffic for high-value keywords. It focuses on increasing conversions and user satisfaction by creating an environment that allows the user to connect directly with the content that best matches their intent when searching from a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device.

SEO Services


SEO Training


Because we believe SEO should be integrated across all marketing teams, our mission is to help facilitate this integration, by educating internal teams about SEO.

Learn more about our SEO Training here.

Defining Goals


This stage will define and align goals across marketing channels and digital teams, and provide a baseline report from which we will judge success and gain insights.



Digital Value Audits


Website audits uncover structural, content, social media, or inbound link issues – as well as provide insights into your competitor’s Local and Enterprise SEO strategies.

Learn more about our SEO Website Audits here.



Fix The Foundation


Based on the audit, we’ll create an implementation document for your team, which will outline how to fix the concerns that weren’t SEO compliant – if you need us to make these changes we can.



Content Strategy


Content strategy and creation is built upon the insights gained in digital audits. This stage includes defining your target users, performing keyword research, and creating high-value content.



Link Earning


Link earning, includes identifying high value partners, building a relationship with them, and helping them help their community, by providing high-value content options that speak to their target audience.




Q: Search Engine algorithms are constantly changing. How do you develop and optimize owned assets to keep pace with these changes?

From an SEO standpoint we don’t believe in chasing the ongoing algorithm changes, but instead creating high-value content assets and optimizing current brand assets based on the search psychology of a website’s primary and secondary persona set. This value is based on four primary areas; keyword traffic value, value to target persona, conversion rate value, and brand value.

Q: Where does SEO fit in to your overall business strategy and within your overall service capabilities?

SEO is embedded in all aspects of our process, from the websites planning state to the final QA.

Q: What SEO strategies are often overlooked that can aid in lifting SERP rankings?

There are two areas we feel business have the most opportunity to excel and lift SERP rankings for high-value keywords.

  1. Building a strong user-focused SEO foundation that includes a great web design expereience.
  2. Creating high-value content assets derived from search and user insights.

Q: How often would you ideally provide SEO recommendations to a client for an existing site? Why?

Because we believe SEO is a business strategy inclusive of publishing, brand building, marketing, traffic acquisition, and conversion rate optimization, recommendations would be on a monthly basis to help accomplish brand goals. These monthly recommendations would be based on data sets, SEO scorecards, and correlation studies on how the search engines are reacting to content sets, updates, and previous strategies. SEO works best under an agile methodology that accounts for fluidity and consistent optimization updates. So ensuring that there is a process in place to accommodate this change frequency is vital for SEO to progress and providing ongoing value.



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philBill is a very good SEO. I am constantly impressed with the depth of his knowledge. His commitment to his own education makes him a great asset to his clients.

Phil Ayres, Director of SEO and Affiliate Marketing Travelocity.com



martinThere are a lot of snake oil sales people in SEO. Bill doesn’t sell snake oil; he just has the best SEO sense I’ve ever met (and I’ve met and worked with some of the best SEO talent around including Bruce Clay).

If you want your web site to rank highly in Google hire Bill Ross as your SEO expert.

Martin Smith, Director of Marketing, Atlantic BT


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