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Do You Need Local SEO or Enterprise SEO?

Are you searching for an SEO company who offers enterprise SEO services for large publisher websites and brands, or SEO for eCommerce websites with thousands of skews? Our team of big brand SEO strategists and consultants in Chicago have helped many of the largest brands and websites in the world increase traffic and sales from the organic search results.

We don’t chase tactics or the “next big thing” in search, but instead help you create a strong website foundation, and build content and experiences that your users will love and Google wants to reward and rank.

Common Challenges our Clients Face

  • I think my website was hit by a recent Google update and need help.
  • I need help training and aligning my development, content, and web design teams on SEO best practices.
  • The traffic to my website is decreasing.
  • How do I increase traffic to my website?
  • I don’t have the internal resources to do SEO correctly.
  • The traffic to my website has plateaued.
  • How do I lower customer service costs and calls?
  • My competition is outranking me for my brand or priority keywords.
  • There are negative articles and content  in the search results and its hurting my business.
  • My old SEO company did some low-value tactics and I need to fix my site.

SEO Campaigns Done Correctly

SEO, also known as organic or natural search optimization, is a long term business strategy inclusive of publishing, brand building, marketing, and traffic acquisition. We believe websites need to create valuable/optimized content, wrap the content in a great website design experience, then market that content and experience to gain the trusted and authoritative metrics that Google and your users want. This is how you succeed at SEO – bottom line, there are no shortcuts.

SEO Training

Because we believe SEO should be integrated across all marketing teams, our mission is to help facilitate this integration, by educating internal teams about SEO.

Define Marketing and Business Goals

This stage will define and align brand and website goals across marketing channels and teams, and provide a baseline report from which we will judge success and gain insights.

Website Audit

Website audits uncover structural, content, social media, or inbound link issues that would keep your brand or local website website from ranking well within the search results.

We will audit your website’s technical, links, and content, and provide a detailed report that outlines the data we found, and the insights needed to make your website more valuable to users and search engines.

Fix Foundational SEO Issues

Based on the audit, we’ll create an implementation document for your team, which will outline how to fix the concerns that were defined as not being SEO compliant – if you need us to make these changes we can.

These will need to be addressed prior to moving on to the marketing aspects of SEO.

Content Strategy

For Large Brand Websites

Content strategy is built upon the insights gained from digital audits. This stage includes defining your target users, performing keyword research, and creating a high-value content architecture for your website.

For Local Small Businesses

This stage includes defining your target users, performing keyword research, and creating high-value local content that users love and Google will reward.

Link Building Strategy and PR Integration

For Large Websites

We believe that link building starts with great content that engages users, and is self-sufficient for building links. Can we do outreach? Yes. But we find that most brands have PR companies that we would rather utilize and integrate with.

For Local or Small Businesses

If you’re a local business, in this phase we will build a strategy for earning local links from media outlets and websites within your local market. We will also make sure your local directory and listings are consistent and optimized which helps create a high-value local presence that Google rewards.

What People Are Saying

peterBill came highly recommended as someone who really knows his craft and is trustworthy, two characteristics that can be illusive in his field. Bill was instrumental in helping me refashion my website by using a three-part approach: audit of my existing website and key competitors, re-platform my site to increase its functionality and visibility and worked with me to develop an enhanced blog strategy.

Bill is smart, helpful, easy to work with and very knowledgeable about SEO.

Peter Diamond, Diamond Consulting

djI worked with Bill for several years and was always impressed with his technical know-how combined with his easy-going style. He is smart and very, very hard working.

Bill is driven and knows what he wants to do. He cares about his work and holds himself to a very high standard. I saw Bill hold his own many times and he always approached clients and projects with a can-do attitude.

DJ Francis, Director of Strategy at Kapost

philBill is a very good SEO. I am constantly impressed with the depth of his knowledge. His commitment to his own education makes him a great asset to his clients.

Phil Ayres, Director of SEO, Travelocity

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