Paid Search (PPC) Audit

Are your PPC campaigns underperforming?

Find Out Why Your Paid Search Is Not Performing

The paid search and SEM audits dive into your paid search (PPC) efforts, analyzing campaign structure, advanced settings, keyword strategy, ad copy, bids and position, display, and remarketing. Below you will find some of the questions that will anchor many of the variable that we will be exploring about your paid search campaign.

Paid Search Audit Questions

Settings Audit

  • Are your campaigns running for both Search Network and Display Network?
  • Is Enhanced CPC on and is this the right method for the campaigns?
  • Is your Ad delivery method still relevant?
  • What Ad rotation preference is on?
  • Are you segmenting by device?
  • Is Location targeting correct?
  • Do you have a campaign dedicated to re-marketing?

Copy Audit

  • Are your ads following all of the advertising guidelines
  • Do your ads have the correct spelling and grammar
  • Do your ads have a compelling message and a strong call to action
  • Have you included various banner sizes and are you using both image as well as text ads?

Metrics Analysis

  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Are you using your campaign budgets effectively?
  • Budget Share vs. Conversion Share
  • Day Parting and Hour Parting
  • Landing Page metrics

Structure Audit

  • Are the campaigns and ad groups tightly themed?
  • What proportion of keywords are broad, modified broad, phrase, and exact?
  • Have you refreshed your negative list recently?
  • How many ads are running per ad group?
  • Are you utilizing ad extensions?
  • Do you have the appropriate match types configured?
  • Has the quality score dropped on any keywords?

Landing Page Audit

  • Do your landing pages look professional and follow best practices?
  • Are you targeting the best landing pages for each keyword?
  • Have you created unique landing pages for different devices?

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