Meet Sarah Griffiths (@SarahRodDesign): Minimalist Artist from Utah

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In the spirit of giving back, and our desire to support local businesses and artists, we are doing an artist spotlight series. We will be showcasing a new artist each day for the next 31 days. Today’s artist is Sarah Griffiths a minimalist artist from Utah.
sarahSarah is graduating from BYU in the Spring of 2015, and we hope she continues to create her amazing designs for years to come.

Question: How did you get into design?
Sarah’s Answer: I have always been a creative minded person. I am a very visual thinker and from the beginning I was always arranging miscellaneous objects, doodling on any scrap of paper I could find, or constantly looking at things in a different way. It wasn’t until about a year or so ago, that I started to experiment with graphic design. I loved the idea of having that kind of control while also being free to express my creativity. I had always loved the idea of minimalism; in music, in life, in art. I loved trying to see the bare minimum and that simplicity, to me, was extraordinary. I began creating simple art prints using my vintage, minimalist style and people seemed to like it. From there I started working for people doing custom projects and artwork. Today I have my own website, and my own client base. I am so glad that I am able to work doing what I love.

minimalistic-foxQuestion: Where are you from, where did you go to school?
Sarah’s Answer: I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. I absolutely loved growing up here and I think a lot of the natural beauty here in Utah has inspired a lot of my creativity. After high school, I moved about fifty miles south to Provo, Utah in order to attend Brigham Young University. Two years later, I am still attending BYU, and I hope to graduate in Spring 2015 with an economics degree (weird, right?). I also hope to continue doing graphic design and improve my skills and experience in that field.

Question: What are your tools of the trade?
Sarah’s Answer: I work mostly in Adobe Illustrator. Sometimes I use Photoshop for adding textures to artwork, or InDesign for posters and fliers. When creating, I like to limit myself to basic shapes and lines. This is what really makes my art style unique and simple. If I’m ever stuck on a design that is just not coming together I will tell myself to only use triangles, I usually come up with something awesome weather or not it has to do with my original project.minimalistic-bicycle

Question: What websites do you go to for design inspiration?
Sarah’s Answer: I have to say that a lot of my design inspiration online comes from Pinterest. There are so many creative things on there and I love being able to categorize and save the designs that I like. Aside from my personal Pinterest account, I have an account that I use solely for design inspiration. I also tend to find a lot of creative and inspiring things on Instagram, I am amazed at how many creative people with innovative designs I can find on Instagram.

minimalistic-headphonesQuestion: What is your favorite movie, band, and artist?
Sarah’s Answer: I have so many favorite movies, how can I just pick one?! I seriously love watching movies, I think they are a very impressive and powerful form of art. But anyway, some of my favorites include Big Fish (I love the colors and the various fantastical elements), Fantastic Mr. Fox (or any other Wes Anderson Film, absolutely hilarious), and The Prestige (Christian Bale+Hugh Jackman, I mean how can you not?).

As far as music goes, I listen to A LOT of classical. Anything from Mozart, to Bach (on of my favorites), to Shostakovitch, I will listen to classical music all day long. I also really like Josh Groban, Regina Spektor, and Fleet Foxes. Oh and also older bands like The Beatles, CCR, and The Mammas and the Pappas.minimalistic-glasses

My favorite artist is probably the hardest for me to nail down. I love so many of the classic painters, especially Rembrandt, Vermeer, and De Gaulle. But I think there are so many talented artist out there now, including graphic artists, who maybe haven’t made a name for themselves yet. So many talented artist in the world, and I love and appreciate all of them.

Question: What advice would you give to someone just starting out in design?
Sarah’s Answer: It is absolutely wonderful. Design is so much fun and there are so many things you can do with it. If I gave anyone advise, I would just say if you do it because you love it, success and opportunity will inevitably follow.

See more of Sarah’s designs and art at her website.

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