Meet Mat Weller: A London Based Film and Movie Artist

In the spirit of giving back, and our desire to support local businesses and artists, we are doing an artist spotlight series. We will be showcasing a new artist each day for the next 31 days. Today’s artist is Mat Weller, a film and movie artist.

Mat Weller is a London based designer with a passion for film and movies. This passion that burned within Mat has led him to designing many a film poster over the past two years. Please join me in welcoming an amazing illustrator and designer of movie posters to the PosterVine featured artist family.

Transformers Age of Extinction Poster

Transformers Age of Extinction Poster

Question: How did you get into design?
Mat’s Answer: I wasn’t that great at it at school but it was one of the few classes I enjoyed so I stuck with it throughout the years, slowly getting better at it. When it came to picking a career path it seemed the obvious choice and I was lucky to land a job quickly which has rooted me to the design world since.

Question: Where are you from, where did you go to school?
Mat’s Answer: I’m originally from just outside of London but I’ve been living in south London for 4 years now after attending the University of Westminster to study ”Graphic Information Design”.

Transformers Age of Extinction. Optimus Prime Poster

Transformers Age of Extinction. Optimus Prime Poster

Question: What are your tools of the trade?
Mat’s Answer: All my poster work will start as rough pencil sketches of around 4 or 5 concepts. Then, I’ll make a choice on the best one to move forward with and redraw it with this awesome fine-liner Staedtler pen I found on the floor at school once (but it just ran out of ink and I’m pretty cut up about it!). From there I’ll scan it in and bring it to life by drawing the elements in Illustrator with the Pen tool. Usually that’s it done, but recently I’ve then been bringing the work into Photoshop mainly for colour tweaking just to try something new.

Question: What websites do you go to for design inspiration?
Mat’s Answer: I used to hang around the obvious sources such as and Armin Vit’s Brand New blog. Recently I’ve started to look at more random sources for inspiration though. For instance I did I poster for ”The Godfather” and I spent a lot of time looking at architecture magazine and the art deco and gothic style buildings of NYC. On another recent one for ”Drive” I looked into 80’s glam-rock album covers looking at the typography in particular.

Question: What is your favorite movie, band, and artist?
Mat’s Answer: I’m a big cinephile, hence why I do a lot of film poster design work, so it’s a hard call to make for my favorite film… gun to my head, no pun intended, I’d say ”Die Hard” though. Action films aren’t the most high-brow but that one is a complete game changer.

Easy Rider Movie Poster

Easy Rider Movie Poster

Favorite band I’ll have to be boring and obvious and say The Beatles. But God damn, they’re just so awesome!

For favorite artist I’ll say the incomparable Herb Lubalin. It depends if you consider a designer an artist, but he’s number one to me in the world of creativity.

Question: What advice would you give to someone just starting out in design?
Mat’s Answer: I wasn’t too keen on doing it at the start when my professors told me to but the best way I found to improve is to absorb as much knowledge about the legends of the industry as possible. If you spend time getting acquainted with the likes of Wim Crouwel, Massimo Vignelli and Saul Bass and right up to those still going today like Paula Scher and Michael Beirut you’ll have a great understanding and solid foundation to build upon.

You can see more of Mat’s art and poster designs at his website.

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