Copyrighting Tips: 3 Keys to Stronger Sentences

Every one of us writes. And for everything we write – from articles to emails to tweets – we have an audience of readers. But what separates the great writers from those who just “get by”? To help those who are trying to evolve their writing style, we have put together 3 basic copyrighting tips […]

Wireframe Basics: Why Wireframes Are Essential for Website Design

Web designers looking to make beautiful webpages must utilize tools to get cutting-edge results. Wireframes are an excellent tool for web designers to conceptualize a prospective website layout without dedicating excessive amounts of resources to a preliminary design. Many designers have utilized wireframes since the inception of the Internet. However, many wireframe tools are now […]

Free Web Design for #K12 and #CharterSchools

Why are we giving away web design for free? We have met and become friends with many teachers, principals, and educational leaders, that due to budget cut backs don’t have the funds to invest in a website that can help them communicate to their staff, and help students learn through collaboration and knowledge sharing. So, […]