The Truth About Evergreen Content and Timely Content

I am sure you have heard your content strategy team, or those creating content for you, mention the need for a mix of Evergreen and Timely content. Unless you are a content strategist you might be wonder what evergreen content or timely content actually is, and how it benefits the overall growth strategy for your […]

YouTube SEO: Basics of Optimizing Videos for YouTube

Many small businesses don’t have the resources to host and serve their videos directly from their website, so the alternative is to create a YouTube page that is optimized for search engines, and place your videos there. Once on YouTube, business owners can then embed the video on their website. Below you will find the […]

Video SEO For Self Hosted Videos

In the past video SEO has presented an interesting challenge for SEOs as it’s widely accepted that Google cannot completely see or understand the content contained within videos. However, the popularity of video with consumers, and the correlation with an increased conversion rate, indicates that it should not be omitted from a marketing campaign.

Why Don’t I Rank In Google: How Does Google Rank Websites

We have all been confused with the Google search results, causing ourselves to ask, “why don’t I rank in Google?”, and inevitably the question, “how does Google rank websites?”, will be explored. We as SEO’s may not know all the reasons a website ranks within Google, but through testing we have found some strong correlations […]

The New Definition of SEO: User-Focused SEO and Its Goals

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? There has been a range of different definitions of SEO, yet through it’s evolution most of them have not changed to keep up with the changing search landscape. So, we thought it was time to redefine SEO with users at the center of the strategies – just like Google […]

User-Focused SEO Strategies For Deleted Products

The flow of products in and out of Ecommerce websites can be a challenge when trying to retain SEO value, build brand, and satisfy the users intent. The management of this consistent change can sometimes fall by the wayside – causing a loss in value for SEO and an increased frustration for users.

The 7 Steps To Creating A Google Reconsideration Request

[stag_dropcap font_size=”40px” style=”squared”]S[/stag_dropcap]o your site has been de-listed from the search engines or your rankings have drastically dropped. You’re losing money, you don’t know why Google would do such a horrible thing to your website. The time has come to submit a reconsideration request to Google to explain your situation.

Guest Blogging Tips To Build Value With Content

There are so many sites that could be utilizing guest posting and just aren’t, and many (not all) of the sites that are actually being proactive with guest posts are coming across as mini content farms because they are not thinking about how each post they accept or publish on another site affects their brand, […]

Creating Unique & Quality Content Isn’t Enough Anymore

As online marketing evolves and earned media (Social and SEO) becomes a driving force for businesses, it is important that our SEO and content methodology changes as well. As we wrote about in our “Evolution of Google from Robot to Persona” article, not only is the user expectation evolving from simply a quality design or […]

DIY SEO: Small Business SEO Tips

Running a few small businesses and a couple start-ups myself is exciting and quite the roller coaster for many reasons. I have been doing SEO for close to 9 years and have seen the evolution over time, and the complexity increase with the evolution.

Tips for Creating an Editorial and Content Calendar

One of the best ways to avoid writer’s block is by creating an editorial calendar. You skip all those sessions of staring at a blank computer screen and get down to business generating content. You don’t have to wonder about what you’re going to write next, with an editorial calendar, the decisions are already made.