Video SEO For Self Hosted Videos

In the past video SEO has presented an interesting challenge for SEOs as it’s widely accepted that Google cannot completely see or understand the content contained within videos. However, the popularity of video with consumers, and the correlation with an increased conversion rate, indicates that it should not be omitted from a marketing campaign.

Guest Blogging Tips To Build Value With Content

There are so many sites that could be utilizing guest posting and just aren’t, and many (not all) of the sites that are actually being proactive with guest posts are coming across as mini content farms because they are not thinking about how each post they accept or publish on another site affects their brand, […]

SEO And The Amazon Paradox

It was there all along and we unknowingly walked past. Apple’s reinvention of music and the phone created distraction. “Shock of the new” toys romanced us. In fairness, they are cool, empowering things, but the real revolution was happening quietly 850 miles north from Apple’s headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino.