Analytics Strategies

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How to Give Access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console

With any of our SEO campaigns, we will need access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console Account , formerly Google Webmaster Tools, to help us analyze the current state of your website. Some B2B and B2C companies have multiple domains in each of these accounts and want to...

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Excel URL Builder for Google Analytics to Customize Your URLs

One of the most challenging parts of Digital Marketing is accurate data analytics. It’s easy to launch a Campaign without a solid, clear measurement strategy. For example, I could set up a Facebook account, add in a credit card, write garbage copy, throw a stock photo of a family, insert...

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How To Block Referral Spam With Google Analytics Filters or Htaccess

Any business who is trying to increase high-value traffic or conversions needs to be hyper-focused on their analytics. This includes reporting on metrics such as how traffic is coming to your website, where it's coming from (referral traffic), and which traffic is converting best. The challenge is that there is an...