Meet Mattias @MattGron: Swedish Branding Consultant

This week’s interviewee resides in Sweden, where his love of blogging, branding and website design hold him captive at the office late into the night. But he doesn’t mind, he’s creating and there’s nothing more he wants to do.

Mattias Gronborg is not just a business man, he is an incredible writer who blogs from the heart while mastering the language of English. Let’s get to know him and his company, iGoMoon.

Mattias Gronborg

Mattias Gronborg

Question: What do you do and where are you from?
Mattias’s Answer: I see myself as an entrepreneur. I’m doing what I can, with what I have, to conquer my own limits on daily basis. Who knows, it might one day add up to something remarkable.

I live in Stockholm, a city that will always have a specific place in my heart no matter where this journey is heading.

Question: How did you become involved in the online business world?
Mattias’s Answer: I have worked with sales and marketing throughout my entire adult life across multiple industries in many capacities. It was a lot of different moments and decisions that one day transformed into an online business. But my curiosity to explore and sail on uncharted waters was definitely a part of it.

Question: How long have you been a branding consultant?
Mattias’s Answer: It was pretty much the same as with learning the English language, I was curious. My gut feeling said to learn the branding game, so I started to explore this topic. This was the starting point for pretty much everything I do today at iGoMoon. For the last three years.

Mattais and friends

Question: What are your specialties?
Mattias’s Answer: I offer and specialize in online branding trainings, teaching people how to build online businesses, and speaking gigs.

Question: Video interviews are something you’ve been offering your audience for a long time. Why did you start doing videos?
Mattias’s Answer: In the beginning, the purpose with writing blog posts and doing v-logs was a way to increase my English language skills. Then it become a personal way to connect with people.

Question: What types of people do you interview, and why?
Mattias’s Answer: I interview people who have something valuable to share to my friends and peers. But often the interview is about entrepreneurship, professional development and online branding.

Question: Did you have a particular interview that taught you something different or was extra special?
Mattias’s Answer: When you focus on the person, every interview becomes unique. I believe all people have something to share. It’s the ability to reflect yourself in someone else’s stories that lead to your own great insights.

Mattias Gronborg and Gary Vaynerchuk

Mattias Gronborg and Gary Vaynerchuk

Question: How long have you been speaking and writing in English?
Mattias’s Answer: Approximately 2 years now.

Question: Why did you decide to learn English?
Mattias’s Answer: In this social world, it was very limiting because I couldn’t express myself in English. If I want to sail the seven seas, I must think global! Swedish is a very limitating language and my vision goes beyond Swedish frontiers. To achieve this vision, I must improve my English on daily basis. So I made a decision early to only communicate in English online.

Question: How difficult is it to write blogs in English?
Mattias’s Answer: Today, I often struggle with having the discipline to write. Writing is all about commitment. The more I write, the more I tend to start thinking in English.


Question: What is iGoMoon, and what services do you all offer?
Mattias’s Answer: iGoMoon builds world-class web sites in WordPress that are adapted for screen, tablet and smartphone devices. We take complete responsibility for our customer’s hosting, domains, updates, support and backups. We are a complete solution when it comes to using WordPress as a marketing tool, and we develop branding strategies for our existing customers. The reason why we do it this way is simple – websites are the home base for marketing efforts.

Question: Where did the idea of iGoMoon come from?
Mattias’s Answer: It’s a result of our collected passions from WordPress, online branding and marketing. The name iGoMoon originates from the quote: “Aim for the stars and maybe you’ll reach the sky.” We take brands to the moon. I like the name because you can play with it in many different ways.

Question: How did you meet your iGoMoon partners?
Mattias’s Answer: I met Jonas a couple of years ago, when he was the founder of another web agency. He is our CSS Ninja who is responsible for the site productions. I met Robert at a sales training session 10 years ago. Today, he is the project manager.

Mattias and his iGoMoon partners.

Mattias and his iGoMoon partners.

Question: What do you think is most important about the branding process?
Mattias’s Answer: A lot of companies struggle to see the digital world as a process, they think it’s a check in the box thing. This is a huge challenge we face each day at iGoMoon. Branding is a verb. It means you must move your feet. And you must do it one foot at the time. Because I have a sales background, it’s obvious that if you don’t put in the work you will never achieve any results.

Question: What is your favorite social platform to build a brand?
Mattias’s Answer: The blog. Everything else is “rented space”. A blog is a phenomal tool for establishing authority positioning and showing the people behind a brand. And the blog is a bridge to sales.

Im thrilled

Question: Do you have any mentors?
Mattias’s Answer: Yes, I have a mentor. I call him Yoda sometimes, but his name is Brian. However, he is not green. I’m a big believer of mentorship, because we need someone to keep us accountable and who believes in us before we believe in ourselves.

To learn more about Mattias, find him at, or follow him on Twitter at @MattGron.

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