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There are tons of Free Website Analyzer Tools, SEO Testers, and Website Graders around the web that will give you SEO data about your website. What we have found is that many of these free SEO tools are either inaccurate, the data points they check are extremely outdated, or their is a lack of understanding as to how to accurately use the tool to get the best data..

other SEO Tools:

  • They are expensive and require monthly subscriptions.
  • Many website seo checkers are outdated in the data points that they check.
  • SEO site checkers output a bunch of data, but they don’t tell you how to fix the issues.
  • There is no human interaction or quality assurance with running the tools – it’s simply a data in, data out system.

 How Our Approach Is different:

  • You get insights from industry leading tools, without having to pay the hefty price tag for the monthly subscription.
  • One of our analysts run your report using a set of qualified SEO tools.
  • Our reports will not only give you the data, but tell you how to fix the issues.
  • Our reports are run by our data analysts, who understand the tools and what the data means.


Our Website Analyzer Tool Options

Our tool set checks over 40 website factors that would keep the search engines from crawling, understanding, or ranking your website. Our free analysis provides you will a high level snapshot of the issues on your website. With our advanced report we will also analyze your inbound links to determine if they are causing your site to be penalized by Google.

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Get A Basic Report – $699

Pages Analyzed: Up to 1000 pages

Checks: 40+ data points

Document Provided:

  • List of pages segmented by type of issue
  • Report describing how to fix the website issues
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Get An Advanced Report – $1,099

Pages Analyzed: Up to 2000 pages

Checks: 40+ data points, up to 10,000 inbound links

Document Provided:

  • Report describing how to fix the website issues
  • Analysis of your inbound links with issues noted
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derekBill’s deep understanding of SEO best practices and their relationship to content strategy ensured we had sound recommendations for clients as well as internal case studies to promote both practices within the company.Bill was always available to discuss new trends and educate others, as well as lead his own team with clear direction and a willingness to let them own their work.

I relied heavily on Bill to ensure our remote teams stayed in sync and had open communication. His input was invaluable to our project success. Derek Phillips, Content Strategy Discipline Lead, ISITE Design

annaliseBill has a great eye for detail and he always thinks through how his strategy will not only impact his practice area, but the other aspects of the business, as well. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise not only in organic search, but also social media and other areas of digital marketing.

He is viewed as a leader amongst his peers and other industry professionals often seek out his opinion on more advanced SEO topics or concerns.

Annalise Kaylor, Marketing Director, Sixthman

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