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We believe that education is the key to sustainable business growth

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Do you want to learn high-impact digital strategies to help sharpen your skill set; do you want to empower your internal teams to be better holistic marketers; or do you need help getting buy-in from your management team?

Our training team of professional consultants believes understanding high-value strategies, as well as what to avoid, is key to integration and long term success.

We’ve done training workshops, speaking engagements, and consulting to help traditional media outlets learn specific digital strategies such as SEO, PPC, and Content Strategies, as well as teaching traditional advertising agencies how to integrate best practices across their teams.

Training Courses and Workshops

Technical SEO Training

This SEO workshop will cover topics such as; performing a website audits; uncovering technical issues; technical best practices for website migrations; and social meta data integration.

Content Strategy Training

This content strategy workshop will cover topics such as; performing a content audit; on-page SEO; how to build a content strategy and tips for using content calendars; and competitive analysis.

Paid Search Training

This paid search (PPC) workshop will cover topics such as; campaign setup; tracking; campaign optimization; how to build PPC strategies that drive ROI; and paid search integration strategies.

What People Are Saying

annaliseBill has a great eye for detail and he always thinks through how his strategy will not only impact his practice area, but the other aspects of the business, as well. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise not only in organic search, but also social media and other areas of digital marketing.

He is viewed as a leader amongst his peers and other industry professionals often seek out his opinion on more advanced SEO topics or concerns.

Annalise Kaylor, Marketing Director, Sixthman

derekBill’s deep understanding of SEO best practices and their relationship to content strategy ensured we had sound recommendations for clients as well as internal case studies to promote both practices within the company.Bill was always available to discuss new trends and educate others, as well as lead his own team with clear direction and a willingness to let them own their work.

I relied heavily on Bill to ensure our remote teams stayed in sync and had open communication. His input was invaluable to our project success.

Derek Phillips, Content Strategy Discipline Lead, ISITE Design

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