Digital Strategy for Publishers

Increase traffic, page views, and build a consistent online brand experience.

Large Content Websites


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We are always interested in how the SEO for publishers is done – is it done well, or has the company missed out on driving incremental traffic and ad revenue from search.

With the large number of blogs publishing content that competes with national and local newspapers and magazines, it is vital that these large publishers do SEO to help their content sets compete in the search results.

With large online publications such as national magazines like National Geographic, People, Time, and Sports Illustrated; and newspapers like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and USA Today, trying to enter the digital age and get the most visibility to gain readership for their content, there are consistent challenges they have with SEO and content strategy.

Digital Marketing For Publishers

Are you searching for a company that does SEO and Content Strategy for magazines, newspapers and other online publishers? Below you will find some of the digital services we can provide to help drive more traffic, increase readership, and drive advertising revenue.

Challenges For Publishers

  • Lack of SEO Publishing Processes
  • Lack of Internal SEO Frameworks
  • Internal SEO Training
  • Timeliness Of Content
  • Content Scraping
  • Pay walls
  • Video and Image Assets are Under Optimized
  • Site Architecture That Allows For Optimal Crawling
  • CMS Limitations and their Impact on Basic SEO
  • Advertising Model Effectiveness and Optimization

Marketing Services For Publishers

SEO Website Audits
SEO Campaigns
Content Strategy

A Few Large Websites We’ve Worked With

We worked closely with the product managers, programmers, and designers to ensure the site structure, content, and code, aligned with content flow and search strategies, yet stayed agile enough to allow for content growth projections.

What We Did

  • We built the strategy for a complete site re-architecture, SEO, and design for 70+ million pages on This resulted in a 100% increase in indexed pages in Google, a 300% increase in Google traffic YOY, and a 300% increase in 4th quarter subscriptions.
  • For all websites we taught a series of SEO training seminars for the programmers, project managers, designers, and executives throughout the company to help advance the SEO culture and decrease quality concerns.
  • We built a strategy and integration of video site-wide on This gave an incremental lift of 5% per day in organic traffic and a projected 110k in revenue.
  • We worked with the content team to maximize content creation based on keywords and revenue opportunities.

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