We are always interested in how the SEO for publishers is done – is it done well, or has the company missed out on driving incremental traffic and ad revenue from search.

With the large number of blogs publishing content that competes with national and local newspapers and magazines, it is vital that these large publishers do SEO to help their content sets compete in the search results.

With large online publications such as national magazines like National Geographic, People, Time, and Sports Illustrated; and newspapers like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and USA Today, trying to enter the digital age and get the most visibility to gain readership for their content, there are consistent challenges these newspapers and magazines have with SEO, web design, social media, and content strategy.


These challenges include

Below you will find some of the challenges that sites with large content sets that include lots of articles, images, videos, and other assets, have with online marketing strategies such as SEO, social, and overall content strategy and hierarchy.

  • Lack of SEO Publishing Processes
  • Lack of Internal SEO Frameworks
  • Internal SEO Training
  • Timeliness Of Content
  • Content Scraping
  • Pay walls
  • Video and Image Assets are Under Optimized
  • Site Architecture That Allows For Optimal Crawling
  • Limitations with Content Management Systems and their Impact on Basic SEO
  • Marketing Budgets Skew Towards Traditional Advertising
  • Advertising Model Effectiveness


SEO Services For Publishers

Technical Audits

This audit uncovers issues that would inhibit search engines from understanding and crawling your legal website.

Site Taxonomy and Structure Optimization

It is vitally important for publisher websites to have a strong foundation that includes a focused site architecture and site hierarchy. We can help you define the site architecture to allow for fast indexation and focused crawl paths for search engines while adhering to UX best practices.

Building Frameworks and Governance Policies

SEO governance policies and marketing frameworks will help define rules and guide future initiatives for publishing content, doing SEO, and Social Media. We will define and create guides to help align the content your copywriters and staff create, with high-impact SEO strategies.

SEO Training

Our SEO foundational strategies include internal training for you marketing teams and copywriters. This training will help empower them to make decisions that align with high-impact, long term SEO strategies.

Digital Marketing Process Improvements

Our team will help uncover inefficiencies within, or across business units, and provide opportunities for optimization.

Process and Agile Improvements

We will help your teams define a process that will help them become more agile when creating and publishing timely content.

Manage Content Distribution

We will create strategies to limit the risk of scraper websites getting credit for your content assets and ranking above you within the search engines.