Content Strategy and Marketing

Auditing content to find gaps and creating high-impact strategies to build website value

times greater conversion

rate for websites who adopt content marketing.

Content Not Performing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, contextual, and consistent content to attract and retain a defined audience. When this is done properly, it results in driving profitable customer action.

Our content strategy and content marketing team in Chicago believes that high-value content fuels SEO and social media campaigns, and for brands to compete they must adopt a ‘brand as publisher’ approach to engaging consumers with high-value original content.

Simply put, you can’t be a thought leader if you don’t put your thoughts in writing and get that content in front of audiences that matter. Not to mention content creation ranks as the single most effective SEO technique.

Content Strategy and Marketing Services

Great content marketing starts with using data and insights to define a user-focused straregy, then creating high-value content that reflects the interests and behavior of your users (psychographics) to help them on their journey.

Content Audit

Our content audits will analyze the key value metrics of your current content sets. This analysis will help you gain insights into current content performance, how content can be better optimized for users and search engines, how your website’s content stacks up against the competition, and where there might be gaps in content sets.

Content Strategy

We can help you build a content strategy that includes; creating a consistent and valuable presence across key social media networks; a well-written blog with a consistent publishing schedule; a strategy to define users and provide a reason for them to return to your website frequently; how to utilize search engines to acquire users; and finally a measurement strategy to gain insights and provide directional change.

Content Promotion

Content promotion and distribution is key to content marketing success and earning the value your content deserves. Utilizing both earned (social and SEO) and paid media (PPC and Social Ads) as well as influencer outreach, we make sure your content gets in front of the right people, at the right time.

What People Are Saying

djI worked with Bill for several years and was always impressed with his technical know-how combined with his easy-going style. He is smart and very, very hard working.

Bill is driven and knows what he wants to do. He cares about his work and holds himself to a very high standard.

I saw Bill hold his own many times and he always approached clients and projects with a can-do attitude.

DJ Francis, Director of Strategy, Kapost

derekBill’s deep understanding of SEO best practices and their relationship to content strategy ensured we had sound recommendations for clients as well as internal case studies to promote both practices within the company.

Bill was always available to discuss new trends and educate others, as well as lead his own team with clear direction and a willingness to let them own their work.

I relied heavily on Bill to ensure our remote teams stayed in sync and had open communication. His input was invaluable to our project success.

Derek Phillips, Content Strategy Discipline Lead, ISITE Design

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