Wedding Website SEO Web Design Case Study

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So for anyone who thinks that investing in a valuable, well designed, and well planned infographic is not a smart investment (or not worth the money) we have put together a case study based on a infographic we planned, designed, and marketed for a client to help them with the SEO for their wedding website.

What Does This Case Study Explore?

  • Do infographics increase engagement?
  • Do infographics increase traffic?
  • Do infographics increase links?
  • Can infographics send traffic on a consistent basis?

Infographic Design and Strategy

What We Did: In collaboration with our wedding client we designed an infographic that targeted the primary persona and customer type of the website. The infographic followed the 3Ds of infographic design and was positioned as a planning guide and checklist for the target audience.

How We Created Buzz: We then marketed the infographic utilizing social media (Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook) and influencer outreach strategies to help build awareness and buzz for the piece of graphical content.

When We Launched: We launched the infographic on the client’s website on Wednesday and started the outreach immediately following this.

Client Investment: Minimal

Cost to Acquire 1 Visitor: Over the 30 days we pulled the data for, it worked out to about 1 cent per visitor. Try buying targeted traffic in a competitive space in Adwords or Facebook at that price point.

1 Month of Metrics For The Infographic Page

  • Total Traffic Sent to Client’s Site: 121,155 visits

page traffic infographic

1 Month Of Site-Wide Metrics (Month-over-Month)

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  • Pageviews: +632%
  • Avg. Time on Page: +83.39%
  • Referral Traffic: +1,204%
  • New Visitors: +5.16%
  • Direct Traffic: +2,382%

What We Learned

  1. Having a publishing platform onsite, such as a blog, where content can be published and marketed is imperative for driving increased traffic.
  2. Understanding the needs of your target audience and then providing valuable content based on those needs helps build brand and maximize traffic gains.
  3. Well done infographics + social media + SEO outreach programs can drive tons of targeted traffic.
  4. Infographics can increase user engagement metrics such as pageviews and time-on-site.
  5. Infographics can build brand awareness within a targeted audience or customer type.
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