Still Against Creating Valuable Content, Then Read This

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In our attempt to become even more focused on building website value from data and focusing on psychographics and personas we have published another content anaysis.

This case study is our attempt to prove to small businesses, mid-market companies, and large brands that they must adopt a publishing model that is centered around creating high-value content for their users (read more about that here). This high-value content increases engagement, traffic, conversions, profit, and builds social communities; all of which are part of the value of SEO (wait, this is SEO?, YUP!).

So, below is yet another content analysis case study (there is another one here about infographics) about the value of creating targeted content to help guide users through their conversion or information gathering journey.

What We Did

Our client came to us after their site’s traffic and conversions had been flat for 6 months. They had been publishing content sporadically, but didn’t have an editorial calendar or content strategy in place.

We took the following steps:

  1. Understood their target audience and persona types.
  2. Did some basic rework of their architecture to ensure both users and search engines could find the content easily.
  3. Did a competitive analysis to understand what was going on in their space from both an experience and search standpoint.
  4. Did keyword research and found valuable supporting keywords.
  5. Built out an editorial calendar for them based on topics their target audience would find valuable.
  6. Segmented keywords and content types within the calendar to maximize value and reach.
  7. Created the content assets which included articles and a couple infographics.

We then helped them load the content and schedule it for publishing; which started in mid August.

What We Didn’t Do

  1. Redesign their site or make it prettier.
  2. Manual link building. (Although our content assets did get a bunch of links from targeted sources.)
  3. Social outreach. (Although they increased their followers by 20% and fans by 15%)


Because of some seasonality with their traffic we wanted to show you the year-over-year stats to show the growth that the company had compared to the previous season.
year over year traffic trend

2012 Traffic Trend

This is the traffic trend for the last few months to show the power of content strategy, creation, and marketing.
2012 Traffic Trend

What Was Accomplished

  • 114% Increase in Visitors
  • 111% Increase in Unique Visitors
  • 108% Increase in Page Views
  • And to top it off a 61% increase in profit
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