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LLamasoft Software Website Transition Project

We recently had the pleasure working on the team at LLamasoft, a leader in Supply Chain Management Software, located in Michigan as well as their web design vendor on a relaunch project. They needed help transitioning their old website to their newly redesigned experience – with the goal of retaining traffic and user experience metrics.

They would be changing the site architecture, rewriting content, and changing the design and code base – basically changing almost everything about the old website. As we know with transitioning a website retaining traffic levels for the new website, migrating and rebranding content sets, and optimizing content and information architecture for both users and search engines are where most companies have issues.

What We Did

We approached their SEO transition project, like we do with all relaunch projects, with a consistent and focused integration plan and SEO data layer added to all decisions.

Redesign and Transition By The Numbers


Traffic Retention

We retained 88% of their organic traffic.


Organic Traffic

We increased their organic traffic by 4%.


Organic Reach

We increased their organic reach by 7%.



84% increase in pages per session from organic traffic.



11% Increase in average time per session from organic traffic.


Demo Requests

50% increase in demo requests year over year.

What They Had To Say

In the fall of 2015 our marketing team was given the green light to bring a months-long process of redesign and relaunching an entirely new website. We had previously decided to not renew the contract with our current SEO firm and realized we needed to start the search for a true SEO partner who could help us through the entire process and also give us deeper insights into SEO management. We evaluated a few firms, but none were as knowledgeable and flexible as Linchpin.

My coworkers and I worked with Bill from the beginning of our website redesign and relaunch to truly come up with a customized plan, and Bill was seen as a valued member of our team. None of us were SEO experts and without Bill’s detailed help and suggestions we would never have been able to achieve the success we are having with our new site.

Sarah Leitz, Product Marketing Manager, LLamasoft, Inc.

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