Digital Marketing Jobs for Local Bloggers

There are many jobs for local bloggers, and we’d like to offer one more. We are searching for the best local bloggers to mingle with small business owners, offer our small business web design services, and get paid a huge commission on every referral that gets sold.

Now we are not going to say it’s easy money, but if you think of all the businesses you come in contact with each month, the opportunities are almost endless.

Ask Yourself

  • Do you like web design, social media, or anything to do with digital marketing?
  • Do you browse the internet and think alot of local business websites are not well designed?
  • Do you enjoy helping small businesses, and want to help them succeed against the big brands?
  • Are you a local blogger who wants to add some additional income to your growing business?

Skill Set

  • Understand basic web design or digital marketing.
  • Want to become a small business advocate.
  • Know about WordPress or have used it in the past.
  • Like talking to, and mingling with, small business owners at places you may shop at every day.
  • Don’t mind reaching out to small business owners over email, social networks, or on the phone.
  • Like working from home.

What You’ll Get Paid


percent commision

on every website referral you give us that gets sold.

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