6 Fabulous Mobile-Ready Fonts

Who’s your daddy? Mobile is your daddy! And your business mobile website needs to look gooooood. Why? Because mobile Internet is the newest, coolest hangout where consumers are spending more and more of their time. By the year 2015, more than 50 percent of web sales will be generated from social and mobile web sites.

And currently only 26 percent of small businesses have mobile sites.

But among the many elements that make a mobile website good, we are focusing on the fun aspect of mobile typography. It isn’t as easy as one would imagine. Similar to old computers, there are only a handful of mobile safe fonts that appear the same across all mobile platforms. However, web font services pave the way for developers to use unique fonts in mobile design and as mobile madness continues to grow, so do the avenues in which these fonts are available.

These fonts are not free, but make the difference between a good and a WOW mobile experience. Remember, design is extremely important when it comes to presenting your brand – it’s worth it.


avenida font

Avenida was created by architect and designer John Chippindale who designed Avenida to mirror the lettering styles he found on buildings in Spain constructed in the earlier 1900′s.

It is the type of font that infuses all kinds of classical feel into any design. It’s elegant, timeless, and easy to read. It’s not a typical mobile font, but that is exactly why it will work so well. It can be used for everything from casual to retro and make it look beautiful.

Download the font: Avenida

FF Basic Gothic Mobile

FF Basic Gothic Mobile

Basic Gothic has the straightforward approach a mobile site needs to be adaptable to everyone. While it isn’t necessarily unique to those who love to pinpoint the curves and flow of type fonts, it has a clear and direct way of communicating strength and calm.

It looks stealthy in small caps and offers lining and old-style figures. If you prefer simple, yet distinct, this is the font for your mobile site.

Download the font: FF Basic Gothic Mobile

Le Havre

Le Havre

Le Havre is my favorite out of these fonts because it is simple, easy to read in every weight or style, but possesses lots of spunk.

This art deco-esque font was inspired by the “golden era of a passenger ship,” and was named after a port that launched famous luxury cruise liners in the 1930s.

It could be used for many types of business types, but salons and restaurants are where I see it most.

Download the font: Le Havre


Arch Font

Arch is a funky, retro sans-serif designed by Warit Chaiyakul. This font is chic, cool and will be easily readable and adhere to all types of design. The open spaces in the letters make it extremely adaptable for mobile sites and could be used to invoke warmth into stereotypical cooler industries such as healthcare.

Arch is fun and young, but still embraces a serious read through its circular shapes and simplicity.

Download the font: Arch

FF Yoga Mobile

FF Yoga Mobile

Yoga Mobile is the only serif font on this list because as a general rule, serif fonts are more difficult to read. And when you pair difficulty with a small device, it can wreak havoc in the user experience. Mobile design is all about making it simple for consumers to reach your business and understand what it is, where it is and how it can act as a solution to whatever they are searching for.

Yoga Mobile is one of the few serif fonts I’ve come across that are legible and superior even at a much smaller size. There is also a Yoga Sans which is the perfect companion. The two together could make a beautiful mobile site sing.

Download the font: FF Yoga Mobile

Ad Words

Ad Words font

I may love Ad Words so much because it looks like my handwriting, but even more, it is easily adored because of the energy it carries. The font comes in several variations from bold, to script, to print type lettering and is perfect for what it suggests: ads.

You may be wondering why you would need such a gregarious font for a mobile site, but adding in a bit of sass on specials, sales or campaigns will add flavor and individuality to any piece of your mobile site. And, it comes with starbursts – WHO could pass that up?

Download the font: Ad Words

All of these fonts, except for one, come from mobile web font services, You Work For Them and Mobile Font Fonts.

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